Utrecht Vermeer Kolinsky Red Sable Brushes

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$14.11 - $188.10
$1.91 - $36.31

The hairs of these Excellent brushes make a needle-sharp and split-proof point when wet.

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Kolinsky Sable Brush Shortage

Due to regulatory issues regarding the importation of Kolinsky hair, we are temporarily out of stock on many of our more popular brush styles. Be assured that we are working with our vendors and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remedy this situation as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.

The hairs of these Excellent brushes make a needle-sharp and split-proof point when wet. They have great delicacy of touch, spring, and blending ability. These ideally shaped watercolor brushes permit perfectly controlled brushwork. They are recommended for those who demand the finest brush that meets the most rigid standards. Seamless nickel ferrules fastened securely to black handles.

If you would like to learn more about selecting the right fine art brush we recommend reading our 'Painter's Brush Kit' article.

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  • Super Brush!

    Reviewed on 6/13/2013

    As reviewed by Carol Leary

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    In 1980, I purchased a size 12 Vermeer Kolinsky Sable brush in Philadelphia (for $31.00 - a considerable investment for me at that time). This brush is still going strong! I do take excellent care of my brushes but this brush has always (33 years) been a dependable component in my stable of brushes.

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  • Tremendous value

    Reviewed on 10/7/2015

    As reviewed by Sandy

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I have recently bought some Winsor Series 7 size 2s, and I can honestly say these Utrecht brushes have proved superior. They hold a better point, and are slightly springier. Excellent value for the money.

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