Utrecht Series 219 Chungking White Bristle Brush, Brights

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$7.13 - $17.83
$4.96 - $15.13

Our new SERIES 219 Chungking Soft Bristle Brushes have been specially processed to add this unique softness while retaining strenth and durability.

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Made from the highest quality chungking hog bristles and conditioned to provide the softest handling and spring unlike anything found in other bristles. Featuring copper ferrules and long brown laquered hardwood handles.
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  • Sometime a mistake turns out to be the greatest find!

    Reviewed on 9/18/2012

    As reviewed by CNB

    Experience: NOVICE

    I order a couple brights by mistake and because I really needed smaller size brushes to finish my painting, I gave them a shot as I did not want to wait. Turns out they are wonderful. They have the perfect balance of softness versus rigidity and allowed me to complete my precision work. If you ever wonder why you would get another type of brush and think that brights don't fit in your set, order one and test it out!. All judgements are subjective of course, but for me, they really made a difference.

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