Utrecht Series 215 Sabeline Ox Hair, Round

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This sabeline art brush is softer with more spring than sable and less stiff than natural bristle brushes. It's great for painting with heavier oils and acrylic colors or thick impasto because it holds a lot of paint.

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Attractively Priced Natural Ox Hair Alternative to Sable Brushes

Series 215 - Rounds

Long handle

Utrecht's finest quality sabeline paint brushes use carefully selected natural Ox hair whose inherent characteristics for painting applications are similar to red sable. The result is an excellent quality long handled art brush that offers artists a lower priced alternative to comparable Sable hair brushes.

The round tip makes the Series 215 sabeline art brush well suited for detail, wash, fills, and thin to thick lines. Like sable hair brushes, sabeline brushes can be used with any oil, acrylic and watercolor paint. Because Ox hair is coarser than sable, the Series 215 is a better choice for painting with heavier oils and acrylics or with thick impasto. In watercolor painting, artists frequently use these sabeline brushes instead of sable to save 'wear and tear' on the more costly sable brushes. These well made sabeline art brushes carry a lot of paint, provide more spring than sable hair brushes and are less stiff than natural bristle brushes.

Key natural Ox hair features:

  • Strong and resilient body
  • Capacity to hold a lot of paint
  • Good shape retention
  • Better choice than sable for working with heavier colors
  • Less expensive than sable

Each handmade sabeline paint brush uses carefully selected natural Ox hair that is securely set in seamless nickel plated ferrules, which are then double crimped onto long, polished wooden handles.

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Long Handle
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  • Can't use any other brush!

    Reviewed on 2/14/2012

    As reviewed by Jayster Q

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    Don't know if selling 6 paintings to various people makes me a 'proffesional', but having tried at least a dozen brushes, this one "talks to you", with it's huge capacity, allowing an artist to stay full of paint without having to return to the pallete. Love this brush. Have painted Masterpieces with this. No.6 is the perfect size, long handle enables an artist to step back a bit to review his work. This is THE ONE, to get the job done!

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  • Sabeline ox hair oil brushes

    Reviewed on 6/3/2013

    As reviewed by S. harmon

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I find that I am always reaching for my bright Utrecht sabeline brushes when I want to make a more precise mark than what is easy with my bristle brushes. Because of the merge of Utrecht with Dick Blick, I thought it best to order a supply of the brushes, in case Utrecht stopped making them. They truly are one of the most useful brushes I have. I panicked when I went on-line and found that the flats are no longer available. Figures, since I really wanted them. I called every Utrecht in FL and GA to see if they had any left. I was told that they could not be mailed, since it's a retail store. So I sent my cousin in Atlanta to the store on Peachtree, but they must have sold out. I called the centrat Utrecht Customer line, and they said they are no longer available. That is why I bought several of the sabeline rounds, since they will probably not be available in the future. Seems like you would continue to produce an item that gets 5 star customer ratings!

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