Utrecht Disposable Paper Palette Pad, 50 Sheets, Oil & Acrylic Painting

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Used for both acrylic and oil painting, these disposable palettes make for easy cleanup.

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Used for both acrylic and oil painting, these disposable palettes make for easy cleanup. But its made of paper you may say! Not to worry! They are designed so that the paint will not soak through.
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  • Easy to use and saves paint

    Reviewed on 6/18/2012

    As reviewed by Paula Schoen

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I've been using Utrecht's Disposable Palette pads for years. I line 4 or 5 of them up on my paint table and use each palette for a different color paint. This keeps the colors clean. At the end of a painting session, I use a knife to gather the paint into a smaller area and put a plastic container over the top to keep the oil paint from drying. The pads last a long time and the sheets stay in place as I incorporate mediums into the paint using a knife. I mix up large quantities of paint on the pad and the coating on the surface prevents it from leaking through to other layers. The sheets are durable and work very well.

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  • Convenient peel palettes

    Reviewed on 1/30/2013

    As reviewed by Victoria Chick

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I have been using peel palettes for about 40 years and Utrecht Peel Palettes for almost 30. I use the 12x16 size and find there is plenty of room for mixing my acrylic paint. I like the white surface and the non-absorbancy of each sheet. I save the sheets and use them for collage so paint that dries on the pallette is not wasted.

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  • disposable palette tablets

    Reviewed on 3/7/2013

    As reviewed by Barbara Gurney

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I am happy with the disposable palette papers when I use them in the classroom. They are inexpensive for students' use.

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