Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paint, Cadmium Yellow Hue

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Heavy body acrylic paint with unparalleled quality & value. Smooth texture gives great intensity, opacity, longevity. Acrylic colors made from the finest pure pigment & 100% pure acrylic polymer. Single Pigment Paint.

Single Pigment Acrylic Paint Color

50 Years of Acrylic Paint Milling Craftsmanship - Unparalleled Quality and Value

For 50 years Utrecht has been carefully crafting and milling its Artists' acrylic paint in the USA for artists and painters at every stage, from beginners to professional artists, from contemporary to traditional, to use in their acrylic painting. These heavy body acrylic paints combine 100% pure acrylic polymer with the same high quality pigments that are found in our Artists' oil paint, in the highest possible concentration, to produce:

  • excellent tint strength
  • superior intensity and opacity
  • a buttery texture
  • outstanding lightfastness
  • excellent longevity


Utrecht Artists' acrylic paint is a thick, concentrated paint that can be applied straight out of the tube or thinned with water or acrylic mediums. These acrylic colors dry quickly to a water resistant finish and share the advantages that all acrylic paints have while offering unparalleled quality and value for acrylic painting.

Cadmium Yellow Hue

Series: 1
Lightfast Rating: Excellent
Opacity: Semi-Transparent
Chemical Type: Organic Synthetic Monazo
Color Index Name: PY73, PW4

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