Utrecht 4 Piece Studio Desk Set with Chair, Lamp, Tray, 30 in W x 42 in D

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The Utrecht Studio Set is a complete work center for students and home studios. 

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30 in x 42 in
30 in x 42 in In Stock
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The Utrecht Studio Desk Set is perfect for your home studio or office!

Save over $50 by buying a set vs. individual pieces.

4 piece set includes:

  1. Table
  2. Chair
  3. Adjustable Lamp
  4. Side Tray / Caddy

Features and Specs:


  • Dimensions: 30" W x 42" D
  • Hideaway pencil ledge*
  • Height is adjustable from 30" to 49"
  • Work surface tilts up to a 45º angle
  • Desk surface is white melamine
  • Desk base is heavy gauge steel with tubular construction
  • 2 standalone legs have built-in levelers to level work surface on uneven floors
  • 4 locking knobs for stability and leverage
  • Fold away design makes for easy storage

Side Tray / Caddy*

  • Mounts on the right or left side of the desk


  • Drafting chair with adjustable height via hydraulic lift


  • Clamps to desk surface
  • Adjusts at 2 points, elbow and head

*A drill is required to attach the side tray and pencil ledge

Size: 30 in x 42 in

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  • Nice value for money

    Reviewed on 4/23/2015

    As reviewed by Artist at work

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    If you're looking for a functional drawing table at a bargain bin price, this is a good option. No frills, but I am able to get my work done with a minimum of annoyance. I've had this set for about a year. The worktop is a generous size and very smooth, hard, and easy to clean, though remarkably heavy (would not be easy for one non-muscular person to fold this up for storage). You'd have to work pretty hard to dent this worktop. Tray is sturdy and I like the variety of different sizes of storage in it. The pencil slots are a nice touch. Pencil ledge is pretty important for this type of table, and this one is adjustable, so you can have a ledge for your materials, or slide the ledge down out of the way. The bar connecting the back two legs of the table makes a great leg rest if you want to stretch out. Assembly was straightforward and not an issue for two people working as a team. I haven't tried to angle the top of this table yet, so I can't advise whether it stays in that position easily. The chair is very comfortable for my 5'8" frame, as far as cheap chairs go. I especially enjoy the foot rest. The seat is broad enough that I can fold my legs up and sit cross-legged if I wish. The fabric and padding are pretty cheap, as expected, and the seat padding has flattened quite a bit after a year of use. The fabric attracts hair like a lint brush! Lamp is ok, but pretty wobbly when you try to adjust its position. More on that below. TIPS and TRICKS and ANNOYANCES: The lamp gave me hell for a while, until I figured out how to tweak it. I didn't realise that the lampshade has to be sort of screwed into place, so it kept falling off whenever I would bump it, until I noticed that detail. The attachment hardware for the base of the lamp was really annoying and constantly coming loose, making the lamp topple over, so I removed the bottom piece and just have the metal "L" piece hooked under the table now. The lamp's "head" is very noddy, even when tightened as far as possible, so the light will not stay pointed at a specific location. I MacGuyvered a solution by unrolling a large paperclip and hooking it into the top of the lamp by the switch, and attaching the other end to the arm where the power cable emerges. This holds the lamp's head in place. The chair presented a weird issue upon assembly, rising to bizarre heights and refusing to come down when I pushed the release lever. I had to climb up on top of the chair and then push the lever to get the chair down. It climbed to mad heights a few more times, but with repeated sittings has been tamed and no longer rebels. The nuts on the underside of the seat like to come loose, but that's not a huge deal, as I can just screw them back on again occasionally. So, if you're willing to put up with a few gremlins, you'll have a decent work station for yourself without murdering your bank account.

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