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SLUDGE is made from the wastewater by-products of acrylic paint manufacturing and can be used as a paint, gesso or painting medium. Handles like acrylic paint, semi-opaque, slight toothy texture. Color is usually neutral gray but may vary by batch.

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Made by recycling the waste by-products of acrylic painting, SLUDGE handles like acrylic paints and is used as paint, primer or paint medium

SLUDGE is made from the waste water that is produced in cleaning up acrylic paint manufacturing equipment. Tri-Art filters solid matter from the water, compresses it and combines it with acrylic bases to formulate thick and thin versions of SLUDGE. Producing and selling SLUDGE as a commercial product enables Tri-Art to keep 100% of the water used in cleaning its equipment out of the sewage system as well as keeping its solid waste from being incinerated.

SLUDGE's color stems from the waste solids from which it is made (assorted pigments, additives like calcium carbonate or colored Mylar, dried acrylic particulate). In most cases, that results in a neutral gray color but since the waste can vary by the particular colors being produced at a given time, SLUDGE's color varies from batch to batch which is why Tri-Art doesn't assign a color name to the product but instead labels it by the batch number.

  • Handling characteristics of acrylic paints
  • Use as paint, primer or paint medium
  • Manufactured with 100% acrylic emulsion
  • semi-opaque
  • light toothy texture from the fine particulate from which it is made

Size: 500 ml

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  • Love it!

    Reviewed on 8/5/2014

    As reviewed by Lindsay

    I picked up a jar of Sludge from the local Utrecht in Baltimore with a gift card. I was expecting a neutral tone but opening the jar I found that this batch was a reddish tone. I was a bit skeptical, but decided to give it a shot. The consistency was fairly thick, but spread on with a palette knife and smoothed out well with a stiff bristle brush. I have used sludge on canvas, paper, mat board and panels. It does a great job of covering and sealing the surface. I appreciate the toned color much more than I thought I would. I have been happy with every application and find that the one jar is going further than I expected. I have used supports treated with Sludge with oils, acrylics and water solluable oils. They all work well. I will be buying more. Thanks.

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