Sienna Plein Air Complete Set with Backpack, Tripod, Pochade Box

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This 3 piece set includes a large Sienna Pochade Box, adjustable Tripod and Backpack. (Set does not include supply box and paper towel holder, as shown).

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3 piece set; Pochade Box, Tripod, and Backpack
3 piece set; Pochade Box, Tripod, and Backpack Ships Factory-Direct. An additional shipping fee of $7.00 applies.
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The Sienna Plein Air Backpack is large enough to accommodate the large Pochade Boxand a variety of other supplies as well as a tripod. Features include a zippered pocket for holding a solvent container, a mesh pouch for holding a water bottle, a front zippered pocket for holding additional supplies, a small internal mesh pocket for holding small tools, and a padded back and waist strap for extra comfort. It weighs 2.2 lb.

The Large Pochade includes a tempered glass palette and weighs 4.7 lb.

The Sienna Plein Air Tripod can be independently locked into place at three different angles to enable painting in tight places, on irregular surface areas, or at ground level.

Size: 3 piece set; Pochade Box, Tripod, and Backpack

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  • Why didn't I buy this sooner?

    Reviewed on 10/9/2015

    As reviewed by C.Rut.

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    The Sienna Plein Air Pochade Box is a beautifully crafted piece of equipment. I swear I could set her up and just stare all day. The whole setup takes maybe 2 minutes to assemble once you get to your painting site. I highly recommend the supply box which is not included with this set. The brush holder that sits to the right of the pochade box just isn't sturdy enough to hold your thinner, and brushes can even roll off it. I use the supply box for all that and have carved a notch into the brush holder for my wine glass when painting in studio…so it still serves a purpose! And yes, I love this thing so much that it's not only my Plein Air easel, I use it in studio too. As long as the canvas I'm working on fits this is the easel I use. I don't know a lot about tripods but I do know this one is extremely sturdy and easy to use. All the tripods I've used before have twisty things to get the legs in place and if you get a grain of sand in there it's ruined. This tripod has latches instead that hold super firmly and make it very easy to get all your legs on the exact right level. The box attaches firmly and is very easy to remove when you're done. it comes with pointy feet or rubbery feet for different surfaces. The backpack is very well constructed and was obviously made for the system. There isn't much room for other items once you cram your pochade box and supply box (seriously….buy the supply box) but I've managed to squeeze in a paper towel roll, water bottle, and a few small items like bug spray and such. it has a place for the tripod to hang on the back and if you're not a dummy like me you'll notice the clips on the top that are meant to secure the top of the tripod so it's not hanging out and knocking over your grandfather's lamp. Once you set up your easel for painting you can hook the backpack to the middle of the tripod to weigh it down. This helps if it's windy which I haven't had much problem with. I've read another review complaining about the "cheap" hardware on the box. The clasps and hinges appear to be brass, which does tend to be lower quality but I can tell you that they are not cheap. They are smartly designed to be opened with one hand. The knobs on the left side of the box which secure it in an open position are a wee bit small, but that's just to someone who has arthritis. I was having a bad day and screwed them in with the assistance of a paper towel to make the surface area larger and it worked just fine. I have not painted with it completely flat yet, as one might with watercolor, but I think it will work ok. Oh and I don't think it says on the specs but this set does come with the tempered glass palate. Very nice. This ships from the manufacturer and I did not get an emailed shipping notice so it was kind of a surprise when it did show up. I think it took a little over a week though. In closing, I highly recommend this product! DO IT and come paint with me!

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  • Awesome Plein Air Equipment

    Reviewed on 3/17/2015

    As reviewed by T.J.

    Experience: NOVICE

    Each piece of this Sienna Plein Air Pochade Box, Tripod and Backpack Set are thoughtfully designed and beautifully made. Very impressed also with the engineering of the Sienna Tripod that comes with interchangeable indoor/outdoor feet studs plus a gorgeous matching case. Sienna Backpack is designed to hold this large Pochade Box plus OPTIONAL SIenna Plein Air Supply Box and one Sienna Plein Air Wet Panel Box as well. Very pleased with this purchase. Thanks to Utrecht for offering this incredible 3-piece Set. All Sienna Plein Air pieces shipped directly from manufacturer (Craftech International, Inc.- Huntington Beach, CA). Highly recommend!!!

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