Sculpture House Duron Plastic Modeling Tool Set of 12 Tools, 6 to 8 inches in Length

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Set of 12 rugged plastic modeling tools.

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12 pc
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  • $9.89
Set of 12 rugged plastic modeling tools. Variety of shapes for all kinds of uses.

Size: 12 pc

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  • Plastic tools

    Reviewed on 5/2/2014

    As reviewed by Jorge

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I ordered this along with 2 other different sets. Not impressed with the quality of these plastic tools considering the price. Every single one in this pack is unfinished and very poorly made. They all have plastic lefts over pieces from coming off their molds. I will probably end up sanding one by one to make them usable. Would not recommend them.

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  • Save your Money!

    Reviewed on 7/13/2015

    As reviewed by Kris Atkinson

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    These tools coulve been terrific if they weren't so crudely unfinished with rough burrs and made of unflexible cheap and brittle plastic. As it is they have no spring and don't last at all. They snap like pretzels in no time. A real shame!

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