Rotring ArtPen Fountain Pen in Original Rotring Metal Box, 5 Black Ink Refills

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Rotring ArtPen combines the balance and nib shape of quill pens with modern convenience of fountain pens. EF nib for Sketching. S204980, R250000.

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Sketch F
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For Calligraphic Art: Combines Balance and Nib Shapes of Quill Pens with Fountain Pen Convenience

Writing can be an art form, a fact that your hectic daily lifestyle can make you forget.  In addition, handwriting is an expression of your personality.  Rotring created the ArtPen fountain pen for calligraphic art to breath new life into writing as an art form. 

The alphabet characters we use today evolved over millenia as they were perfected and optimized for quill pens with square-cut nibs. The ArtPen has the balance and nib shapes of these historical quill pens and adds today's modern convenience of a fountain pen with its replaceable ink reservoir.  Its calligraphy nibs, crafted from the finest stainless steel, turn every piece of your writing into a small work of art. This pen is a must for people who want to put a personal stamp on their work while having easy, aesthetic writing. 

Set contains:

  • Original Rotring Metal Box for carrying and storing your ArtPens
  • 1 ArtPen holder
  • 5 black high brilliance ink refills
  • 1 flexible, stainless steel nib - allows you to produce lines of varying width by changing hand pressure through sweeping curves or short sketching strokes. 
  • For sketching, choose between nib sizes EF or F
  • For lettering, choose between nib sizes M or B

Size: Sketch F

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  • Rotring Art Pen

    Reviewed on 2/19/2013

    As reviewed by Skyler Wave

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    Great pens, the EF and F make your handwriting beautiful. Well-made writing instrument. Performs better than many more expensive pens. Great for fine drawing.

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