Richeson Professional Mahl Stick, Lightweight Aluminum 2 piece rod, 35.5 in

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Get a lightweight aluminum Mahl Stick to reduce fatigue and prevent smudges from Utrecht. JACK RICHESON REBATE: See Details Below!

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35.5 in
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2 piece professional mahl stick made from lightweight aluminum with cork ball end covered by soft leather

Mahl sticks are used by artists, especially oil painters, to reduce the fatigue and pain they get in their shoulders, arms and hands from extended painting sessions as well as to prevent accidental smearing or smudging of the colors. Mahl sticks are particularly useful when you are painting fine details with short handle brushes where you are close to the canvas or painting surface as well as when you are painting large areas that are still wet with paint.

Jack Richeson Professional Mahl Stick features:

  • 2 piece rod made from varnished aluminum.
  • Cork ball end with soft leather cover won't damage your painting surface
  • Fully assembled weighs less than 2 lbs.
  • Fully assembled, the mahl stick is almost 3 feet long

How do you use a mahl stick?

Hold the mahl stick in your non-painting hand and rest the pad end of the mahl stick somewhere that will provide stability, e.g. on the canvas edge, somewhere on your easel or you may even use a dry spot on your painting itself. Some artists like to steady their painting hand and arm by resting them on the stick while they paint. Resting your painting arm and hand on the mahl stick will also reduce fatigue. Once you get the knack of using a mahl stick, you may be able to master the trick of holding the mahl stick with your little finger and forearm while using your other fingers to hold other supplies such as a palette or additional brushes. Here is a video we found that includes an artist using a mahl stick when he paints the details of a landscape piece. The mahl stick appears about 3:30 into the video.

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Size: 35.5 in

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  • Junk

    Reviewed on 5/2/2014

    As reviewed by Floyd

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    This stick is made of aluminum, which means when you have dismantled on several occasions the threads will strip, and it becomes useless. At the same time the stick is not sturdy, and does not hole up if you are a constant user.

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