Rembrandt Soft Pastel Trial Set, 4 Colors

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Set of 4 full stick soft pastels: Light Yellow, Permanent Red, Ultramarine Deep, Permanent Green Deep.
4 colors
4 colors In Stock
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Trial Set of Soft Pastels With Pure Pigments, Excellent Lightfastness, Unique Warmth

Artists love Rembrandt soft pastels for their pure pigments, lightfastness and unique warmth. Rembrandt uses Kaolin, a clear clay from China, to bind the pigments providing you with the consistent smooth softness these pastel sticks are known for. Their lack of hard sharp edges prevents you from creating shiny spots or scratching your support's surface. Rembrandt uses meticulous quality control to ensure you get top quality and consistent performance.

The Rembrandt Trial Set contains 4 Full stick pastel colors:

  • Light Yellow (Utrecht Item # 33347)
  • Permanent Red (Utrecht Item # 48315)
  • Ultramarine Deep (Utrecht Item # 37511)
  • Permanent green Deep (Utrecht Item # 38718)

Size: 4 colors

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