Raphael Kevrin Natural Hair Art Paint Brushes, Round Sizes

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$14.50 - $50.65
$5.79 - $20.25

Kevrin natural hair brushes are affordable substitutes for sable that have sable's precision and softness yet add durability. The round shape tips are typically used for fine detail or for long continuous lines.

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Round Shape Natural Hair Brushes - Adds Durability and Affordability to Sable's Precision & Softness

Raphael designed it's Kevrin Natural Hair Art Brushes to be an affordable substitute for sable brushes. The hair used in the brush tips is similar to mongoose hair and provides precision and softness that is comparable to sable. With their added durability, Kevrin brushes offer you a combination of quality and performance at affordable prices. Extremely versatile for a variety of techniques and media, use them for detailed brush work or soft glazing in oils and acrylics. Kevrin brushes are also popular with watercolor painters as an alternative to sable brushes.
  • Has the resistance of an extra fine bristle combined with the precision and elasticity of sable.
  • Features a long black polished handle and a seamless nickel plated brass ferrule.
  • Natural hair tips resist stains. Makes brushes easier to clean, maintain and helps them last longer.
  • These brushes are the Round Shapes. Choose by Size. With their pointed tips and larger bellies, artists typically use the Round shape brushes for creating fine details or long continuous lines.

The Kevrin line also features Fans, Brights and Filberts. See all Kevrin Brushes.

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  • great brushes

    Reviewed on 5/21/2013

    As reviewed by Trish Nickell

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I first discovered Kevrin brushes in France where I started using them. I like that one can do fine detail with them. They are not too soft and hold their shape for a long time.

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