Raphael Kevrin Natural Badger Hair Art Paint Brushes, Fan Sizes

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$25.40 - $41.15
$10.16 - $16.46

Kevrin Badger Hair Brushes are affordable substitutes for sable that have sable's precision and softness yet add durability. Fan tips are typically used for softening and blending strokes or edges. Great for creating clouds. Choose by size.

Fan Shaped Badger Hair Brushes - Adds Durability and Affordability to Sable's Precision & Softness

Raphael's Kevrin Art Brushes are a versatile, affordable substitute for sable brushes. Raphael uses hair for the tips that is similar to mongoose hair and that provides precision and softness comparable to that of sable hair brushes. The Kevrin brushes have added durability, giving you a combination of quality and performance at affordable prices. You can use the Kevrin line for a variety of techniques and media such as detailed brush work and soft glazing in oils and acrylics. The line is popular with watercolor painters too who use them as an alternative to sable brushes.
  • Has the resistance of an extra fine bristle combined with the precision and elasticity of sable.
  • Features a long black polished handle and a seamless nickel plated brass ferrule.
  • Natural hair resists staining, making these brushes easier to clean and maintain. Helps them last longer too.
  • These brushes are the Badger Hair Fan Shapes. Choose by Size. Fan tipped brushes are intended for softening, blending strokes and edges, glazing and creating special effects. They are ideal for painting clouds.

The Kevrin line also features Rounds, Filberts and Brights. See all Kevrin Brushes.

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