Our goal is to maintain consistent price levels for as long a period of time as fiscally possible. Unfortunately, sometimes prices go up due to unavoidable economic conditions. Unfortunately, sometimes prices may vary by phone, catalog, online and in our retail stores.

      • Sale Pricing. Items marked Sale, In-Store, Catalog or Online indicate a price that is available for a limited time only and therefore its price is subject to expire or change. Sale prices are honored on out-of-stock items you order, shown online as On BackOrder, regardless of whether the items are on sale at the time they eventually ship.
      • Clearance Pricing Items marked Clearance online usually are being discontinued with supplies limited to those on hand. The shown price is good only as long as that supply lasts. Clearance prices are subject to change at any time.
      • Non-Discountable Pricing Items marked Non-Discountable online means our that the items' price is not eligible for additional discounting via a catalog code or coupon code*.

Typos & Misprints

Utrecht strives to produce catalogs, sales flyers and web site content that is free from typographical errors. We reserve the right to make corrections in the rare event an error does occur and cannot be held responsible for said errors.

Merchandise Availability

Due to several factors, our merchandise assortment and availability of specific items can vary by retail store location, online, by phone or by mail order. When in doubt, please contact your local stores or call customer service at 1-800-223-9132.

Pricing of Out of Stock Merchandise

      • For online, phone and mail orders, sale prices listed in our seasonal catalogs are honored on out of stock items you order, marked On BackOrder online, regardless of whether the item is on sale at the time your back order ships. As described above, pricing on Clearance Items are only good while supplies last.
      • Additional discounts from a coupon code you enter online or provide for a phone or mail order will be applied to all the eligible in-stock merchandise when your order initially ships. Since we can not control the timing of shipping any back order items that are on your order, we can not guarantee that your coupon code will be applicable when those items do ship.

Common Promotion Offer Restrictions

Like most retailers, we offer limited time only promotional offers. A typical offer includes additional savings on the cost of your merchandise order and sometimes includes additional savings on your ground shipping charges. We have listed the most common terms and conditions below. Your specific promotion's material remains the best source for detailing limitations or exclusions that may apply. If you have any questions, Customer Service is happy to help at 1-800-223-9132.

    • Cannot be combined. Only one Coupon code can be applied to each order.
    • Coupon codes are usually limited to one use per customer
    • Coupon codes can not be applied to prior purchases.
    • Item Eligibility for additional discounts. Here are the most common types of items that are excluded from promotion code discounts:

      • Other categories, such as Sale Items or Clearance Items,are ineligible for promotion code discounts.
      • Our Best Buy selection of popular art supplies offered at industry-leading low prices for a full year are never discounted.
      • Items marked Non-Discountable are never eligible for coupon code discounts.
      • Items marked Drop Ship Item which are items that ship directly to you from vendors or factories
      • Items marked Truck Ship Item which are items that can not be shipped via our normal ground carrier and have to ship via a special freight carrier
      • Gift Cards are never discountable.
      • Gift Cards do not count towards any minimum purchase requirements, e.g. to receive a discount or free shipping.
      • Iwata, Holbein, Montana Colors, Logan, Williamsburg, Artograph, All Golden Open and Winsor Newton Paints.
      • All Utrecht Linen Rolls & Blankets
      • All Furniture & Lighting.

  • The above item specific notes can be found on:
      • Web Product Pages
      • The Web Shopping Cart
      • On Catalog Pages

  • Other Common Discount Exclusions:
  • Minimum Purchase Requirements Online promotion codes sometimes require a minimum purchase amount for the discounts to take effect, e.g. spend $100 and get 20% off your order.

    1. Gift cards do not count towards any minimum purchase requirement.
    2. Some promotions will specify that only "eligible" items count towards the minimum purchase requirement. (Check Specific Restrictions)