Peggi Kroll Roberts DVD - The Painting Studio With Peggi Kroll Roberts: Painting from Photos

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These 30 minute videos address individual painting concepts in focused and clearly explained demonstrations.
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Peggi Kroll Roberts' 30 minute lesson plans are designed to breakdown painting fundamentals into "one-idea-at-a-time" exercises. To create your own voice in painting you must have the tools to express yourself; understanding form, drawing, brushwork, design, color & materials. Peggi Kroll Roberts welcomes you to her studio where she explains each approach to these fundamentals.

Lesson: Paintings from Photos - "I take a photograph from my large library that shows a good example of how light can sometimes wash out and how darks can go "black". With color reference painted from life, a photograph for drawing, and by using one of my favorite "rules of thumb", I can get the painting to look more natural. That favorite rule of thumb is 'anything in shadow is darker than anything in light'."

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