Montana Gold Spray Paint, Matte Acrylic Color: Toffee

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Buy Toffee Montana Gold Spray Paint at a low discount price from Utrecht. Professional Quick Dry, Weatherproof, Low Pressure, Matte Acrylic Graffiti Spray Paint. 400ml / 13.5 fl. oz. can.
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Professional Quick Dry, Weatherproof, Low Pressure, Matte Acrylic Graffiti Spray Paint

Re-formulation Eliminates Color Bleaching & Cracking

Montana Gold spray paint is a fast-drying spray paint featuring a low pressure cap and valve system whose accuracy makes it a favorite among pros.  The Gold line of spray paint cans has been improved recently with new colors added to what was already the widest color assortment in the street art and graffiti market as well as an optimized re-formulation which eliminates color bleaching and cracking found in other artist spray paints. 

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Use Montana paint on the type of large scale projects demanding a wide color range with flowing color gradients for shading for which it was designed by L&G GmbH, a German company, such as
  • wall art
  • street art
  • graffiti art
  • painting murals
  • other public art works

Montana Gold is perfect for creating photorealistic works or using spray paint stencils and will perform well on wood, concrete, metal and plastic.

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  • Your creative potential is limitless when you use the widest selection of colors in the graffiti market, over 200 colors in an overhauled color palette featuring over 70 new colors designed to optimize color values and achieve a flowing color range.
  • Many existing colors were re-formulated like the gray series which now provides you with a perfect suite of nuanced gray shades.
  • Better coverage from traditionally weaker colors like pure yellow because they are made using the highest quality ingredients and pigments.
  • Get perfect handling, reaching levels of control not possible before, from the low pressure valve system with a re-designed and expanded line of caps.
  • No Color bleaching (See the photo comparing the former vs the current finish of Shock Black) - has been eliminated by a new lacquer that is made of a special acrylic mixture.  Your color's saturation and sheen will last constantly as the new lacquer gives you enormous longevity along with the ability to combine these paints with other acrylic laquers and most other spray paint brands.
  • More flexibility - The re-formulated acrylic base works well on flexible surfaces, such as canvas, because it won't crack once it dries.  The surface will appear to have more body and volume than the previous formula.   Additionally, the flexibility allows you to more easily carry,  transport and store unfinished works you are creating on flexible surfaces.
  • The standard GOLDline cap that produces an average spray from 1/4 to 1 inch wide and is only available on GOLDline can purchases, not sold separately.
  • Almost odorless 
  • Has little overspray 
  • Is drip-free & fast drying 
  • Is 100% weatherproof (fade-free color for years to come)
  • Has a valve/cap system* with variable spray widths that helps you produce ultra skinny to ultra fat art
  • 400ml cans - 13.5 fl. oz.
  • Content Weight:  312 g / 11 oz.
  • Shipping Weight: ~1 lb. per can

This Can's Color: Toffee

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  1. * There is a "Safety Ring" that must be removed before you can start using your paint. Just remove the cap and turn the can upside down to release the ring. Put the cap back on and you are ready to begin creating!
  2. For MSDS information, contact 800-429-9300 or email

Size: 400ml can

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