Golden Light Molding Paste Acrylic Painting Medium

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Offers dramatic weight reductions when building thick layers of acrylic.

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Offers dramatic weight reductions when building thick layers of acrylic. The density of the wet product is over 50% less than Golden molding paste. This results in a significantly lighter film. This dramatic weight reduction will be beneficial in creating artworks that are large in size, have thick film build-up, or both. The product dries to an opaque, matte finish. The consistency is designed to hold stiff peaks to create a highly textured surface. Blends with Golden acrylic colors.

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  • Amazing texture

    Reviewed on 3/25/2013

    As reviewed by Jeffrey Collins

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I have been using Elmers Wood Filler in my paintings for over a decade. I was finally educated by friends Darryl Hughto and Susan Roth about the Light Molding Paste from Golden and it's abilities. I then went and bought a 16oz can of it and was basking in it's amazing qualities. Now I just need a gross of this stuff to calm my appetite for this amazing textural medium. It's way lighter in weight than the wood filler and is far more flexible when dry. You'd almost think it's still wet but it dries fairly quickly. I highly recommend this product if you need to add some 3 dimensionality to your work.

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  • Easy

    Reviewed on 8/5/2014

    As reviewed by Heidi Wakefield

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    What's not to like? I love this paste. So easy to manipulate and fun to use. Kind of like pushing marshmallow creme around without the stickiness. Long shelf life if kept in bucket with lid back on (and keep lid on when not scooping out). It was still usable after reopening 6 months later. Smell is not strong. I've used an entire gallon on one 36"x48" canvas, and another gallon on 6 canvases (three 24"x36" and three 18"x24") because of light to heavy application. I recommend that this product dry overnight on the canvas. In the case of the 36"x48" it needed 48 hours. It hardens quickly on the surface, but inside is soft. With light application, it's easy to test the drying time needed less than that. Takes brushwork great with a delicate or heavy touch affecting how soon to paint. It is lightweight in use and especially when dry. Great shape holding and pliable when laying down with hands or any other kind of object to shape, swirl, scrape and so on. Unless spread very thin, moist enough to allow more manipulation time. In my opinion it's less expensive to buy this excellent product than to make a substitute, such as with glue. I'm far from done in exploring its possibilities.

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