Fabriano Eco Qua Glued Notebooks, Designers Dot Paper, 5.8 x 8.25 (A5)

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EcoQua - 100% environmentally-friendly notebooks! High-quality 85 g/m2 ivory-tinted paper. EcoQua is perfect for all kinds of writing & drawing, whether you use ballpoint, fountain or marker pens. Sheet count 90.

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  • Love this writing/drawing paper!

    Reviewed on 12/3/2012

    As reviewed by Laurel Kashinn

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    As a professional writer and an artist, I love this dot paper! It is by far the best for journaling I have ever used. The symmetrical dot grid pattern allows you to easily provide structure to thoughts and ideas whether written or drawn, yet simultaneously encourages thinking outside the box -- seeing between the lines. Love it! Would like to see journals in hard cover with this paper as well.

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  • Good foutain pen paper -- dot grid is very useful

    Reviewed on 2/7/2013

    As reviewed by Brian Smith

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I am very happy with the Fabriano Eco Qua notebooks. I am carrying and using the A5 glued pads as my standard paper. I use a wide variety of fountain pens, and inks to write on the paper. I have not noticed any feathering or drying problems, but I tend to use XF, accountant, and needlepoint nibs. A5 paper is 148 x 210 mm. I counted a sample sheet with 37 x 52 dot pattern, so that works out to 4 mm spacing on the dots. Now if only A5 binders and folders were more available here without such a large markup.

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  • I'm hooked

    Reviewed on 5/29/2013

    As reviewed by Peg Syverson

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I love these notebooks with the dot paper. They make a fabulous day book for both text and graphics. The paper is very high quality and the book covers are a subtle, elegant weave. The dots are a quiet gray that serve as guides but never interfere with the work. I only wish Utrecht would stock the pocket size in the dot paper. That is the size I use most often, keeping a running set of notes and to-do lists that I can easily slip into a pocket next to my phone. Right now I am using ruled Moleskine for this, but I would much prefer the dots. Please, Utrecht?

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