Faber-Castell PITT Monochrome Pastel Studio Tin Set of Pencils & Crayons, 12 pieces

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12 piece handy portable tin of monochrome shades for dry media artists on the go.  Contains mix of 7 PITT graphite, pastel and charcoal pencils, 4 PITT pastel sticks, kneadable art eraser. #112960
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Handy 12 piece Portable Tin Set of Monochrome Graphite, Charcoal and Pastels for mobile dry media artists

This set of PITT Monochrome shades includes:

  • 4 PITT Monochrome Artist Pastel Crayons (1 White, 1 Sanguine and 2 Sepia shades) - harder than conventional pastel crayons and designed specifically for sketching
  • 3 PITT Monochrome pencils
    • 1 soft white, oil-free pastel
    • 1 hard black, oil-based
    • 1 medium dark sanguine, oil-based
  • 1 sepia PITT Pastel Pencil
  • 2 Graphite drawing pencils - 1 pure woodless, 1 wood
  • 1 Black PITT Natural Charcoal Pencil
  • 1 Kneaded Art Eraser - perfect for charcoal, pencil and pastel. Easily kneaded and very absorbent.

Figure drawing using monochrome shades of sepia and sanguine dates back to the Renaissance. Monochrome shades lend vitality, liveliness and expression to your drawings, especially when you enhanced them with the natural white color and deepen your shadows with black. 

If you enjoy figure drawing and are constantly on the go, check out this handy set for sketches and quick studies. Its monochrome sanguine and sepia crayons are supplemented by a white crayon and a mix of oil-free and oil-based drawing pencils in similar shades as well as a black monochrome pencil, graphite pencils and black charcoal pencil. 

Size: Set of 12

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