Blick Unprimed Belgian Linen Canvas, 5 1/2 oz, Medium Smooth Texture, Type 73D

MP Code #MP-07397-001   
$135.00 - $6,793.00
$80.99 - $3,736.00

Heavyweight, 100% pure double-ply linen - Ships folded.
Designed to meet the demands of professional artists and museum experts worldwide. Blick linen is made in Belgium to our strict specifications. Constructed from pure 100% pure linen skillfully woven from double-ply threads for both warp and weft.
Type 73D Linen
Texture: Smooth Double Weave
Weight Per Square Yard: 5.5oz
Threads Per Square Inch: 133

Order Fulfillment Note — As we complete a transition in stock, your order may be fulfilled with either Blick Premier Wood Panels or Utrecht Artists' Wood Panels. Rest assured, the fabrication details and workmanship of both brands are identical.

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